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Let's meet again at the agreed upon place.

Let's meet again at the agreed upon place.


Entrance ticket

Advance 3days

Advance 3days


23 and UNDER

Limited 200

Photo ID required


Family Pack

2 Adults

2parents with a child/children


Family Pack

1 Adult

1parents with a child/children



Advance 3days



Advance 1day




◎Advance 3days: ¥20,000

◎23 and UNDER 3days(Limited 200・Photo ID required): ¥12,000

・3days ticket for those who are 23 and under. Please show your valid ID with a photo at the ticket counter.


◎Family Pack - 2 Adults(2parents with a child/children ): ¥36,000

・A pair of tickets for two adults accompanying their child. Child must be 15 years and under.


◎Family Pack - 1 Adult(1parents with a child/children): ¥18,000

・1ticket for an adult accompanying their child 15 years and under. Child must be 15 years and under.

<Entrance at Gate>

* Available online via ZAIKO or at gate by cash


◎3days: ¥25,000


◎1day: ¥15,000


Parking A

Re-entry by car is permitted.


Parking B

Limited (20 spots)

Re-entry by car is permitted.

Bypass the long lines.


Parking C

Offsite parking area,

Purchase again when re-entering


<Parking> *Valid for the duration of the festival.


◎Parking A: ¥8,000

Limited onsite parking by the entrance. Re-entry by car is permitted.


◎Parking B: ¥10,000

・Limited (20 spots) onsite parking close to the Glamping and Private Campsites.

Bypass the long lines at the ticket gate to receive your entrance tickets.

・Re-entry by car is permitted.

◎Parking C:¥3,000

・Offsite parking area. Please come directly to Parking C. There is no baggage drop-off prior to parking.

・Cars re-entering Parking C must purchase a new parking ticket online.



Private Camp


Private Camp

7m x 10m


Glamping Tent

Maximum capacity 4 people



* All camping tickets are valid for the duration of the festival.

* Open fire is prohibited within the park. Please refrain from using fireworks or BBQ.

* Meeting Point Festival has prepared tasty drinks and food stalls. Please use these services.


◎Camp: ¥1,000

・Each tent and tarp requires a Camp ticket. At the ticket counter you will be handed a camp band. Attach this band to the tent and be sure it is visible from the outside.

・You may set up camp anywhere within the camping area but keep in mind that space is limited. Please be mindful of your surroundings and neighbors.

・Private camping spaces are available to those who wish to use more than 4m x 6m of space (large tents and tarps).


◎ Private Camp: ¥6,000(Limited)

・3 day private campsite. Dimensions 7m10m

・Each area will be designated with rope. Please keep all tents and tarps within the given area. There is no limit to the amount of tents or tarps within the area.


◎ Glamping Tent: ¥160,000 (Limited)

・Maximum capacity 4 people.(Recommended 3 people.)

・The following will be prepared in each tent: 1 welcome drink per person, 1 single air bed with pillow, sheets, and a blanket per person, 2 rugs, 1 LED light. 

・For reservations email:


Camp Gear Rental






・Children under 15 years old can enter for free if accompanied by a guardian. Please purchase a ticket if you are 15 years or older.

・Entrance reception is from 8:30 to 17:30. Please redeem your wristband within that time. After redeeming your ticket, you can re-enter by presenting your wristband even when the entrance is closed.

・Please handle the wristband given to you upon admission with care during the event period, and do not remove it until you return. Even if you lose it, we will not reissue it.

・Each ticket is valid for only one person.

・There will be no refunds due to cancellation or change of performers. Please also note that there will be no refunds in the event of interruption or cancellation due to natural disasters or unforeseen accidents.

・Those who cause a nuisance to others or who do not follow the instructions of staff may be asked to leave. Tickets will not be refunded in that case.

・Please refrain from causing a nuisance to nearby residents near the venue or on the way from the station. Please follow good manners so that everyone can have a pleasant time.

・Please refrain from parking on the road or stopping at Sodefornia (palm path).

・Fires are strictly prohibited inside the venue. Explosives such as BBQ and fireworks are not allowed.

・During the event, food and drinks will be sold at the market inside the venue, so please use that for food and drinks.

・We are not responsible for any accidents, theft, injury, illness, etc. inside or outside the venue or in the parking lot. Please take care of yourself.

・There are no coin lockers etc. inside the venue. Please store your luggage by yourself.

・Cameras and video cameras may be brought into the venue, but filming and recording of the stage is prohibited.

・Please be sure to use the smoking area when smoking. If you smoke, please be sure to bring a portable ashtray.

・To prevent trash from washing up in the ocean, be sure to leave only your gratitude behind the place where you enjoyed playing and be sure to take your trash home with you. Make everyone's earth beautiful.

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